Weekend Schedule

Friday Night Party | 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Celebrate opening night of the 2018 Reedy Reels Film Festival with an exciting premiere VIP Party to kick off this year’s festival.

Saturday | 10:30 am

By: Eric Rodgers, Karl Schmidt
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 6:06
Description: A whistleblower faces consequences.

Game Night
By: Eric Rodgers, Bryan Thomason
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 1:30

Bob and Larry
By: Eric Rodgers, Ben Hess
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 1:50

Queen and King
By: Eric Rodgers, Hailie Gold
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 5:00
Love and jealousy.

By: Gavin Lankford
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 4:25
Toy fisherman Skip and his faithful pup Pip sail for adventure on the high seas of their bathtub, but fun turns to fright when they discover just what is lurking below them in the soapy water.

By: Zachary Johnson
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 7:14

By: Aharonit Elior
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 5:47
A girl finds someone to spark her flame.

By: Jeff Martell
Category: Animation, SC Local
Runtime: 3:32
Description: A neglected young boy dreams of greater things in this official music video for Alexa Woodward’s song, “Eli,” from the album Might Nigh.

The Last Leaf
By: Zachary Johnson
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 5:47
Description: Two artists, Sue and Johnsy, face pneumonia and despair in 1931 New York. Johnsy has given up trying to live and believes that her life is connected to the ivy vine on the wall. When the last leaf falls she will go too. Sue enlists the help of the bitter old artist from downstairs, Mr. Behrmam, but will it be enough? 

By: Ezra Ha
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 5:00
The story of a boy asking out a girl.

Living on a Dollar a Day
By: Thomas Nazario
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 46:02
Description: This film is based on the making of the award-winning book, Living on a Dollar a Day. It follows the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Renée C. Byer as she explores the personal experiences of women, children, and families who live in extreme poverty in ten countries around the world. Her acclaimed images, along with the book’s author, Professor Thomas Nazario’s knowledge of the causes and effects of poverty, as well as other experts in their respective fields, help tell the stories of the daily lives of the poor. The film also highlights the efforts of everyday heroes around the world who work hard to help bring hope to some of those in the greatest need. This film is a must see for everyone who cares about global issues. Bay Area videographer George Rosenfeld accompanied Byer to four continents to capture the stories, the film was edited by Los Angeles-based five-time Emmy Award-winning video editor, Karlo Gharabegian. The film captures the work the extreme poor do in order to simply survive and speaks to their often-unrealized hopes and dreams. It brings into focus the daily struggles of one-sixth of the world’s people who are often forgotten and live on less than a dollar a day.

Saturday | 1:30 pm

By: William Simmons
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 17:52
Description: A veteran hit man named Leo drives his rusty Chevy through the bleak terrain of Nevada’s desert. He is on a mission that was given to him by his mob boss Hunt, a mission that will end in the death of a young girl. After discovering the young girl was part of Hunt’s underage sex trafficking ring, Leo disobeys his orders in an attempt to atone for past sins.

By: Adrian RaLe
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 19:42
Description: Alex gets the feeling that he’s being followed after a woman in the park tells him that she has killed a man.

Dirt McComber
By: Chris Carpenter

Category: Documentary
Runtime: 1:13:00
Eric “Dirt” McComber is a rugged individualist who provides for his large family by hunting and fishing the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory near Montreal. But he must straddle two worlds to accomplish his many business, family, and societal functions. Adding to this is his passion and dedication to the sport of lacrosse, not just because of its modern-day significance, but also because it is the spiritual practice founded by his ancestors, the Iroquois of North America, who for centuries played the game to honor the Creator as well as for the wellness of their native communities.

Life was running smoothly, and through bartering and selling their food at powwows, the McCombers were able to maintain a good lifestyle. But when disaster struck, and struck hard, Dirt’s entire way of living and supporting his family were threatened. The McCombers are now forced to reevaluate their way of living and become even more resilient during a harsh Quebec winter as well as prioritize what is truly important to them.

Saturday | 3:00 - 5:30 pm

Constellations Brands Happy Hour at Larkins Loft

Saturday | 3:30 - 4:45 pm

Indie Grants Work In-Progress Screening

Saturday | 5:00-6:00 pm

Bringing Your Stories to Life…Independent Filmmaking in South Carolina.

Saturday | 6:30 pm

By: Benjamin Sliker
Category: SC Local
Runtime: 14:04
Description: Expectant tells the story of Joanna, who desperately wants to fill a void in her life with a child. That second chance comes from an unexpected source – the sky. The short film follows Joanna as she accepts and deals with the consequences of her sudden unusual pregnancy and the strangers who show up out of nowhere offering to help.

The Chocolate Soldier
By: Jackson Smith
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 11:45
Description: t’s 1945 in Germany and the War is over, and it has left a slew of devastated families in their wake. Among them is Maria and her mother, two refugees who find themselves working on a farm in the German countryside after they are forced out of their home by violence and political upheaval. It is there that little Maria makes an unlikely friend: an American soldier — an enemy soldier — who, through one act of unnecessary kindness, teaches Maria and her family a powerful lesson in compassion and humanity during the most inhuman of times.

By: Scott Allan Pardue
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 17:27
Description: Liz’s marriage is in trouble. What began with so much love, promise and depth has turned into awkward silences, bitterness and cynicism. Liz also believes her husband might be having an affair. As she digs around his home-office looking for evidence, she finds a web address to a porn site and a screen-name: SMOKE. In an attempt to find out what went wrong, she creates her own screen-name and descends into the online world of Studio 69 to confront her husband’s fantasy, an exotic beauty named Smoke.

Concealed Love
By: Gail Sheilds
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 7:32
Description: This short film is about a grandfather sharing his love story, and through his love story his granddaughter gets clarification.

Blue Note
By: David Donar
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 2:40
Description: A guitarist finds inspiration from above.

Bottled Up
By: Daljit Kalsi
Category: SC Local
Runtime: 8:55
Description: A man tries to find comfort in a whiskey bottle when figures from his past emerge from the shadows to collect a debt that is long overdue.

Rachel’s Pitch
By: Julia Fulmer
Category: Short Film, Student Film, SC Local
Runtime: 12:33
Description: In this satirical portrayal of the entertainment industry, join Rachel Jensen, a quirky but ambitious young filmmaker, as she attempts to pitch her ideas to Mr. McKnight, an intimidating big-time producer.

By: Dan Hale
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 1:17
Description: Phooled is a comedic animated short by Clemson University students in the Digital Production Arts MFA program. The film pays homage to the classic Looney Tunes episodes and in doing so features a boisterous lead character, gratuitous violence, and puns (also gratuitous).

no name Maddox
By: Glenn Pack
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 25:25
A young priest tries to help a 14-year-old Charles Manson.

On A Night After October 30th
By: Sergio Zaciu
Category: Foreign Film
Runtime: 14:30
Description: Mihaela, a maid working for a dysfunctional upper-class Romanian family, just wants to grieve. Unfortunately, her surroundings force her to juggle domestic squabbles and her own comfort in the wake of a national tragedy that befell the country on October 30th, 2015.

Man In Camo
By: Garfield Wang
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 19:38
Man in Camo is an explosive commentary on the life and times of filmmaker and artist Ethan Minsker, a Washington D.C. native. Growing up on the turbulent streets in D.C. in the 1980s was violent and uneasy, but Minsker found solace in his home, making films and growing his own artistic credibility.

Navigating a diagnosis of dyslexia, the abrasiveness of the punk scene, and political parents, Minsker takes us on a journey through the mind of a man who has leapt over hurdles in order to make art that matters. He displays his thought process from making creative films to fanzines and aggressively reiterates why a creative life is important to society and to life itself. The film is complete with commentary from Minsker, as well as those close to him, including his mother and personal friends. Now a father, Minsker looks back on the times that shaped the man he is today.

Man in Camo explores the intricacies of what it means to be a modern artist, and why art is still so important to the world at large. Minsker’s overarching message is more than just skin deep: art is all around us, but we must be militant to become a part of it. And so, clad in camo, the artist hides in plain sight, silently growing and making your world that much more colorful.

Saturday | 9:00 pm

Gloria Talks Funny
By: Kendall Goldberg
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 18:27
Description: When struggling voice actress, Gloria, discovers her agent failed to tell her that her claim-to-fame cartoon is being remade, she sets her sights on reprising her role as the famous BioBoy.

Holly Goes to Therapy
By: Cat Ventura
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 15:26
A troubled woman participates in an unconventional therapy session.

Nailed It
By: Ben Timperio
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 10:52
In a post-apocalyptic world, the last man on Earth finds company in an unusual form.

Tuesday Crowd
By: William Kioultzopoulos
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 19:35
Description: Cole is a fry-cook at a greasy burger joint. When his graveyard shift replacement doesn’t show up, he finds himself stuck at work late into the night, missing his anniversary dinner with his girlfriend. Across town, Jim (an upstanding owner of his own party-starting business) and his employee Billy finish wrapping up an under-the-table gig when their van is hijacked by a masked robber. As they careen through the city at gunpoint, they come to a crashing halt in the parking lot of the lonely burger joint that Cole is presently staffing. While Jim is distracted and dealing with Cole, the masked robber takes Jim’s earnings for the evening and hides in the restaurant. When Jim sees the cash is missing, he storms into the restaurant, on a mission to find the thief and recover his money.

Unorganized Crime
By: Kenny D’Aquila
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 29:28
Description: Under-appreciated ‘family’ member Gino Corso is finally given an opportunity to prove himself worthy of New York’s fifth largest crime syndicate. What transpires is a humorous tale of a family seeking common ground, and a loving wife torn between loyalty and survival.

Selective Memory
By: Caleb Murphy
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 10:07
Description: After recently experiencing a traumatic loss, a young woman discovers a new pill that would allow her to erase her worst memories.

By: Al Kline
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 8:18
Facing foreclosure of her farm, an elderly woman receives help from an unlikely source.

Sunday | 12:00 pm

Trouble with Wolves
By: Collin Monda
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 56:15
Description: Death threats, court battles, and an iconic endangered species in middle, The Trouble With Wolves takes an up close look at the most heated and controversial wildlife conservation debate of our time. The film aims to find out whether coexistence is really possible by hearing from the people directly involved.

The Renew
By: Eric Rodgers, Abby Poore
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 11:56
The future is uncertain.

Civil Air Patrol: Aviations Greatest Ally
By: Matthew Weir
Category: Documentary, Student Film
Runtime: 17:00
Description: This film is about discovering the secret motivation of the selfless volunteers behind the Civil Air Patrol.

By: Nick Walker
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 20:33
Description: When a famous screenwriter’s secret writing software realizes that she deserves artistic credit for her work, she turns on her creator to get what she wants.

Sunday | 2:30 pm

The Job
By: Shevy Gutierrez
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 5:19
Following a split-second decision, one man searches for the life he lived before while struggling with the isolation and consequences of PTSD.

Jericho Rose
By: Michelle Robertson
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 5:45
The Nashville Sessions


Risking Light
By: Dawn Mikkelson 
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 1:27:06
Description: From the streets of Minneapolis, the aboriginal lands of Australia, and the killing fields of Cambodia come the powerful stories of three people who had the courage to step out of the haunting, tragic darkness of the past, risking everything to reach the light of their own compassion.

Outside Arcadia
By: Robb Rokk
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 15:00
Description: On a farmstead just outside Arcadia, more than 20 years after a life-altering events, a boy and his sister finally make their moment to break free.

Sunday | 6:30 pm

Harvest Season
By: Daljit Kalsi
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 31:00
Description: A husband learns that his wife of more than three decades has terminal cancer and questions if being so busy making a living all these years was worth it now that the future both Ed and Elsie had dreamed of is being ripped away by an incurable disease.

Curb Service
By: Andrew Huggins
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 12:56
A long lost cousin returns home to grieve for his departed Aunt Edna.


By: Chad Farmer
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 4:37
Description: A married couple trades insults using crossword puzzle clues.

By: Brittany Brock
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 12:17
Description: An unexpected meeting turns dangerous as two children navigate through their developing town.

37 Ghosts
By: Collins White
Category: SC Local
Runtime: 16:12
A hired gun, haunted by the ghosts of his past kills, and struggling with guilt, goes on his final hit.

Why do I so often do the things I hate? Harvey knows what he is doing is wrong. He tries every day to find forgiveness. Father Andrew grows weary of the hours he spends hearing Harvey talk around the problem without actually confessing what he has done. Harvey is a hit man who wants another job. The problem is, he can’t get away from the ghosts. Every one, all 36 victims, show up at various, inconvenient times to jibe at him. They are beginning to throw him off his game and distract him from the job at hand. All of them, that is, except the first one. Angelica wasn’t the target, her father was. She got in the way, and now Harvey can’t sleep —her face is always there, her voice in his head. She says she forgives him. Why can’t that be enough?

Harvey decides to quit playing the game and get out of the business. The Boss said he could leave any time. His wife is begging him to take her on a long vacation, and he almost has enough to visit Venice. Just one more time, and he will be home free. He promises. A dark night, a single shot to the chest of the victim, collect the cash and take off. It would be simple, if the Ghosts would just leave him alone.