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Complete Public Relations isn’t your average firm. Our unique skills, experience, talent and expertise, make us the company you need when it comes to media relations, governmental affairs, crisis communications, and long-term public strategy.Located in Greenville, South Carolina, our top public relations team can give you national reach.

When the project is tough, think Complete Public Relations. When the job needs that extra touch, think Complete Public Relations. When the work seems impossible, think Complete Public Relations.

At Complete Public Relations, we finish the job.




We know roads. Complete Public represents businesses in all sectors of transportation from road construction to road management to delivery. When you need that extra push on passing a referendum or knowing how to work with a local government, Complete Public Relations will get the job done.


We know the challenges and tribulations of the world of small business owners because Complete Public Relations is a small business. We can create a campaign that targets your needs and deliver the results you want.


When it comes to building grassroots efforts and developing political influence for non-profit organizations, no firm in South Carolina can match Complete Public Relations’ abilities. We know the ins and outs of how to garner attention for nonprofits because of our long service to area charitable boards.


From international trade to web design to complex polymers, Complete Public Relations can take your cutting edge company and get it cutting-edge media results. We work with entrepreneurs, large corporations and everything in between to share a story worth telling and make sure it is told right.


Complete Public Relations can turn your restaurant or catering company or venue into the place to choose for big events. We can create buzz, develop web content and create crowds that will help your bottom line.





Complete Public Relations has a deep-rooted knowledge of the inner workings of all levels of government and regulatory agencies, city and county councils, planning commissions and school boards.


Our team is here to assist you in steering through the often-complex political map, fostering relationships with your elected officials, and rallying for change in your community.


Our experience is invaluable when navigating their processes and communicating with critical decision makers.


Complete Public Relations can develop a targeted public relations plan built to deliver a consistent message, so your company can create awareness and move public opinion. Services include:


We leverage our valuable relationships with reporters and editors in a variety of media outlets and key community leadership to help clients deliver a powerful message when the time is right.


Complete Public Relations can tailor a crisis communications plan to fit your organization’s needs, so you’ll be ready when the unthinkable happens.


For those uncomfortable in front of a camera, we offer a one-on-one spokesperson training seminar. By learning how to speak in media interviews, on-camera interviews, and more, you’ll have the confidence necessary to deliver the right message.


From employee moves, award announcements and business activity to big feature articles, Complete Public Relations will craft your message and release it to the appropriate media outlets to get you results.


Complete Public Relations can help generate buzz through various social media platforms and ideas. We are adept at creating leverage and managing content.


Have a great story that needs to be honored? Complete Public Relations can find and write the applications for a host of awards, honors and prizes that will reflect positively on your firm, business or non-profit group.


Complete Public Relations will mobilize sympathetic groups to move public opinion in favor of your cause. Through public support, we can provide a great tool for political campaigns, referendum issues, and much more.


Complete will pull together key influencers and give them a message that will resonate.


Our team will help create a plan that will help solve problems in the most efficient manner. We can help organize events, create programs and more.