The year was 1933. Individuals and businesses were facing the most difficult financial times in U.S. history, and banks around the country were closing their doors. A group of Greenwood businessmen got together to form a financial institution that would serve community members in good times and in bad. They called their new venture The County Bank.

Through the history of the bank, that mission has never changed. We remain an independent, locally owned institution that is focused on meeting the financial needs of the families and businesses of the counties we serve. And we continue to honor the values that made The County Bank a trusted fixture in this community—reliability, expertise, responsiveness, and commitment.

Sound old fashioned? When it comes to upholding standards and providing exceptional service, we are. But when it comes to providing the very latest products and services, we can hold our own with the largest regional banks.

Today, we are Countybank—a full service, integrated financial services provider for the Greenwood and Greenville communities in Upstate South Carolina. That means we can meet virtually any financial need you have at any point in your life. In addition to a full array of traditional deposit and loan products, our corporation is composed of separate divisions that offer trust services, mortgages, investments, and insurance. Each division is staffed by highly respected professionals, with years of expertise in their respective fields. The combination of their experience with the team approach we bring to financial management at Countybank, gives our customers the ultimate in financial management.