Upstate Film Society

The Upstate Film Society is a 2015 collaborator with the Reedy Reels Film Festival. They are helping with the film selection process and the process of focusing the art of independent film in the Upstate.

The Upstate Film Society began in 1998 with a small band of film lovers anxious to see quality and diversified films in Upstate South Carolina. Films initially were screened at the Coffee Underground. As interest and membership grew, the Carmike Theater opened its doors to the UFS in a collaborative effort to sponsor independent and foreign films on a weekly basis. This joint sponsorship enjoyed several years of success until April 2001 when the Carmike Theater closed its doors. Since that time, the UFS has continued its campaign as an advocate for a downtown arts cinema while diligently working with other community venues to provide independent film screenings in the Upstate. We currently have a fantastic relationship with Regal Cinemas and consistently offer indie films at their cinema at Regal Cherrydale Stadium 16 in Greenville.

So how do we choose the films? The UFS Board of Directors discusses a variety of good independent films, then submits a short list of potential films to our partner, Regal Cherrydale Cinemas. Cherrydale’s film distributor selects the films on the basis of availability, cost, and access.