Weekend Schedule

Schedule subject to change.

Opening Night Reception
5:00 - 6:30 PM

Celebrate opening night of the 2021 Reedy Reels Film Festival with an exciting premiere VIP Party to kick off this year’s festival. Our kick-off party will have cocktails & hors d’oerves available at Velo Fellow. Guests will receive two drink tickets with admission, additional tickets can be purchased for $5.00 each. Your VIP ticket includes access to the film screenings. Get your tickets today!

Opening Night Screenings
6:30 - 9:00 PM

We will have 3 films screened during the party that will take place at the SC Children’s Theatre venue. Hell in a Handbasket (5 min), Invitation to the Dance (39 min), and Thumb War! (59 min). Get your tickets today!

Hell in a Handbasket
By: Lee Chambers
Category: Short
Stars: Hoyt Richards, Robert Bryn Mann
Runtime: 00:05:00
Description: Dale Borger, a lonely research scientist in the Arctic struggles to maintain his solitary existence. With the world failing from a global pandemic, all hopes fall on Dale’s shoulders as he represents the last stand for humanity.

Invitation to the Dance
By: Sarah Shoemaker
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:39:00
Description: Invitation to the Dance introduces Lena Forster and her adult special needs ballet class. Filmmaker Sarah Shoemaker follows five students through a year of dance and life, offering viewers the opportunity to glimpse a perspective frequently overlooked, to listen to voices frequently unheard, and to witness the experiences of those who are impacted by the dancers. The film seeks to explore questions about life, community, and our ability to appreciate both the gifts and the limits of each of us.

Thumb War!
By: Lilly Nelson
Category: Feature Film
Runtime: 00:59:00
Description: Christopher Guest would be proud of this mockumentary about competitive Thumb Wrestling!

Saturday | 10:00 AM

Session 1: Student Films (1h:16min)

By: Galen Cunningham, Hailey Roberts
Category: Student Film | The Fine Arts Center
Runtime: 00:11:39
Description: David, a paranoid high schooler, finds himself surrounded by mysterious stuffed rabbits. His curiosity doesn’t end until he is face to face with their sinister source.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe
By: Sarah McFeely
Category: Student Film | The Fine Arts Center
Runtime: 00:05:59
Description: Experiencing a troubling dream, a young boy begins to sleepwalk. As his nightmare finds him alone and lost in the woods, his reality takes him to the edge of tragedy. Sleepwalking into his pool, the suffocating weight of the water is reflected in the anxiety that fills his dream. Struggling to wake up and remain afloat, the boy eventually pulls himself from the harsh clutches of his treacherous nightmare.


By: Rylee Milz
Category: Student Film | The Fine Arts Center
Runtime: 00:09:57
Description: Quinn has moved back to town to reconnect with their former best friend Taylor. Quinn noticed Taylor has left all social media and decides the best way for him to rejoin social media is to create a fake profile and be his friend.

Operation Grade Changer

Operation Grade Changer
By: Jordan-Paige Sudduth
Category: Student Film | Canada
Runtime: 00:05:00
Description: Wannabe spy Alex and his sarcastic sister Hayden work together to help high school star athlete Rowan change his failing grade before security busts their secret operation.

Iron Head
By: Cameron Thuman
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:19:26
Nominated for the 23rd annual Young Director Award (YDA, 2020) in Cannes France. Nominated for the Student Heritage Award presented by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).
Iron Head co-stars Ally Ioannides (AMC’s Into the Badlands, Synchronic, NBC’s Parenthood) and was also sponsored by Panavision.
After his family is destroyed as a child, a broken middle school counselor seeks to reunite with his long lost sister, only to immerse himself in the horror that surrounds her in the dark underground of 1990s Los Angeles.

Don't Tell Mother

Don’t Tell Mother
By: Kenelm Winslow
Category: Student Film | The Fine Arts Center
Runtime: 00:03:32
Description: A teenager is sleeping when his awaken by thunder and hears a crash, what he finds may surprise you…


By: Parks Felton
Category: Student Film | The Fine Arts Center
Runtime: 00:04:13
A girl follows someone that leads her to an unknown ending.

8 Nights of Christmas

8 Nights of Christmas
By: Max Rogoff
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 00:08:53
Description: Elise, a young Jewish girl, struggles to find meaning in her traditional Hanukah celebration in a world centered around Christmas festivities. Enticed that the grass may be greener on the other side, Elise abandons her Hanukah celebration to partake in the Christmas spirit.

Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds
By: David Donar
Category: Animation
Runtime: 00:02:39
Description: Jack of Diamonds is a card stacked against the deck.

Saturday | 12:30 PM

Session 2 (1hr:19min)

By: Kaitlin Moose
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:06:12
Description: A struggling young adult does everything he can to put on a happy face, even in the face of eviction.

Bryn gets a life

Bryn gets a life
By: Cameron Logan
Category: Feature Film, SC Local
Runtime: 01:14:00
Description: When an autographed “golden record” is stolen from under her nose, Bryn, a self-absorbed slacker, has two days to track it down or find a replacement before her boss gets back in town. Set in 1986.

Saturday | 2:30 PM

Session 3: Women's Block (1hr:01min)
Javelina Run

Javelina Run
By: Lisa Belcher
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:18:48
Description: Two idiot ranch hands pretend to be fugitive train robbers to get attention from the ladies at an old west saloon.

Silent Notes

Silent Notes
By: Kiki Tsakalakis
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:10:37
Logline: A misunderstood, deaf, white young man longs to join a black Baptist choir that he secretly admires, in hopes of becoming part of the community.
Synopsis: A timid and withdrawn Zacharias seeks to join a black Baptist choir despite his deafness, drawn to a community with which he seems to have little in common. Zacharias perseveres against his insecurities, impairment, and difference in culture, attempting to find peace in achieving something he desperately desires, a place of acceptance and belonging. “Silent Notes” explores the navigation of two worlds through music and culture.

Chasing Fletcher Allen
By: Jonathan London
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:18:19
Having lost her father at an early age, Heidi Cousins sets off on a solo book tour for her early memoir ‘Chasing Fletcher Allen’. Seeking an audience, she instead encounters hostile and confused fans expecting the 90’s TV icon Fletcher Allen.
Tired and frustrated, Heidi perseveres, determined to share her story. Her adventure puts her on a path to meeting a pro wrestler, a kooky pair of bookstore owners, a nerdy kindred spirit and the person she’s been chasing all along.

Hung Up
By: Damon O’Steen
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:12:45
HUNG UP updates the modern-day cowboy mythology to a cowgirl mythology, telling the story of the injured-but-indomitable Patty “Duke,” played by Ecuadorian-American actress Melissa Jackson.
HUNG UP is from Mystic Entertainment and Texan Director Damon O’Steen (DEADLAND), stars Melissa Jackson (FEVAH; JACK AND JILL), Kevin Kane (Netflix’s BONDING, THE IRISHMAN) and Catherine CURTIN (Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and HBO’s INSECURE), and is produced by Jackson, Nikhil Melnechuk (DON’T BE NICE; FEVAH), Marc Henry Johnson (Writer/Producer of HBO’s THE DEUCE), and O’Steen.
American Humane monitored the animal action. No animals were harmed®. (AHD 09006)

Reedy Reels Happy Hour | 3:45 - 5:15 PM

Happy Hour sponsored by Constellation Brands

Looking for a chance to socialize with Film Makers and Film Lovers over cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres? Join us between film blocks on Saturday at the Eighth State Brewing Company for the Reedy Reels Film Festival Happy Hour. Admission is free to festival ticket holders and participating Filmmakers. This event is sponsored by Constellation Brands. Food is provided by Tacozzini & Moe’s Original BBQ.

Saturday Special Event | 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Special Event: Get out of Greenville showcase | FREE ADMISSION

Free Event honoring Upstate actor Gunner Willis. Hosted by Chris White. Event will have 3 shorts followed by a Q&A and will take place inside venue theatre.

Saturday | 7:00 PM

Session 4: Hoyt Richards Showcase (1h:30min)

The Mushroom Huntress
By: Jim Picariello
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:09:40
Description: After Leigh is cut off from her cold, wealthy mother, and witnesses the arrest of her loving-yet-scheming father, she attempts to support herself by capitalizing on her love of wild mushrooms. But while foraging along the forest floor she discovers a shocking family secret.

By: Tim French
Category: Feature Film
Runtime: 01:20:04
Description: A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns every year to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred. But this year, his car breaks down and meets a striking young woman, who just recently moved into town. This is a spark between them. But she also carries a dark past. Do second chances come with a price?

Saturday After Party | 9:00 PM

After Party at Smiley's

Join us next door at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe for the Reedy Reels After Party.

Sunday | 10:00 AM

Session 5 (1hr:30min)

The Girl Who Wore Freedom
By: Christian Taylor
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 01:29:22
THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM brings us to Normandy, France. Once an idyllic landscape, Normandy had succumbed to German invaders who overran its farms, its manors, its countryside.
Here we meet Dany Patrix, Maurice Lecoueur, Henri-Jean Renaud, and others, who recount their unique relationships with the Allied forces who liberated Normandy on June 6, 1944. The journey from occupation to liberation, to acceptance and forgiveness to gratitude and pride, is explored through interviews with French survivors and American veterans in this powerful, personal film that tells stories handed down over two generations.
We visit Brecourt Manor, the site of the battle between the men of Easy Company – known as the Band of Brothers – and a German battery. We hear from the children of D-Day, who were cared for by American soldiers after their families were killed in the onslaught. We explore the nature of war, of forgiveness, of gratitude through interviews with French survivors and American veterans.
We travel today’s United States with Flo Plana, who seeks out the men of the 101st Airborne Division to collect and curate their stories for the Utah Beach D-Day Museum. We meet veterans like Ceo Bauer, Brad Freeman, and Bob DeVinney, who recount their experiences and the relationships they built over the summer of 1944.
Normandy itself is now a living war museum, with shrapnel on the beaches, bullet holes in its walls, and blood staining its church pews. Those that were there have vowed never to forget the lessons of World War II and to pass down the value of freedom to their children and their children’s children.
The film closes on contemporary D-Day celebrations of remembrance and gratitude, where French citizens of all ages celebrate those who were and are willing to defend freedom because they, the people of Normandy, know all too well that freedom is not free.

Special Event | 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Special Event: Level Up Workshop | FREE ADMISSION

Join us for a free special event — Level Up Workshop with Chris & Emily White. The workshop will take place at Homewood Suites on S. Main St.

Sunday | 1:00 PM

Session 6 (1hr:15min)

Writer’s Block
By: Daniel Hamby
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:19:58
Description: Every filmmaker has heard the phrase, “Write what you know,” but what happens when it’s taken too far? A filmmaker suffering from writer’s block on his murder mystery feature film takes the advice
“write what you know” too literally.

The Perfect Shot
By:Jeremy Camp​
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:01:20
Description: A model’s response from a photographer’s harassment.

By: Kevin Murray
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:03:50
Description: Guns. Knives. Clarinets. Armed mercenaries shan’t disrupt one of Winifred Aldridge’s music lessons.

While Away
By: Daljit Kalsi
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:16:26
Description: A father, a son, a broken relationship and a chance. “While Away” follows AJ (Merritt Vann) and his son, Michael (Matthew Merritt), when they meet for the first time in nine years. Their relationship has always been rocky, with their perceived differences always driving a wedge between them. Can they find a path forward or is it too late?

Mailer Daemon
By: John Mudge
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:19:53
Description: Todd, a mailer daemon for one of the world’s leading email providers, longs for a simple thanks for his services. His decision to communicate with the human world takes him on a path of enlightenment, at the risk of severe consequences.

…And Then the Darkness
By: Andrew Huggins
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:13:30
Description: A pharmacist seeks revenge as he searches for the man who took everything from him.

Sunday | 3:00 PM

Session 7 (1hr:15min)

Calf Rope
By: Bradley Hawkins
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:28:46
Description: During the summer of ’66, a former rodeo champion and cattle auctioneer from Oklahoma bonds tightly with his young grandson from suburban Pennsylvania while teaching him a few tricks from his previous trades. Shot entirely in rural Pennsylvania, Calf Rope captures the intense love that grandparents often share with their grandchildren and the legacy that lives on long after they have gone.

The Real Bedford Falls: It’s a Wonderful Life
By: Francis DiClemente
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:30:00
The Real Bedford Falls: It’s a Wonderful Life is a half-hour documentary that explores the connections between Seneca Falls, New York, and Bedford Falls, the setting of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. The documentary examines small-town life in Seneca Falls, captures the excitement of the annual It’s a Wonderful Life Festival, and celebrates the enduring themes of the Frank Capra classic.
The film features interviews with Karolyn Grimes (who played Zuzu Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life), Jimmy Hawkins (who played Tommy Bailey), Monica Capra Hodges, granddaughter of Frank Capra, and film critic Leonard Maltin.
Former NBC Today show correspondent Bob Dotson serves as narrator. The documentary was produced by Honest Engine Films with Joanne Storkan as executive producer and Francis DiClemente and Stu Lisson as co-directors.

By: Randall Owens
Category: Documentary
Runtime: 00:23:00
Description: A docuseries about professional dogs


Sunday | 5:00 PM

Session 8 (1hr:15min)
*Session may contain heavy adult language

Girl and Robot
By: Joe Loftus
Category: Animation
Runtime: 00:11:55
Description: ‘Girl and Robot’ follows the story of a traumatized young girl who is chased across the desert by officers of the state. On her way, she meets a Robot who is afraid of being left alone. As the pursuers catch up, the Girl and the Robot must work together to survive.

By: Pat Battistini
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:09:30
Description: Several years after his wife’s passing, a man decides to get back into the dating scene with a little help from his son’s advice.

By: Pat Battistini, Robert Francke
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:05:00
Description: Frank’s important job interview on Zoom goes south due to his “stay at home” Covid precautious family using up his bandwidth.

Ms. Rossi

Ms. Rossi
By: Pat Battistini
Category: Short Film | Italy
Runtime: 00:05:00
Description: While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.

It Doesn’t All Work Out In The End
By: Drew Luster
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:08:41
Description: Ana can’t stop dating loserboy drummers. Vince is a hopeless romantic who can’t find the one. As they open up about their dating troubles, it looks like they might actually be the perfect match. Everything is going to work out in the end—until it doesn’t.

How to Get $100 Million
By: Ilya Polyakov
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:09:23
Description: A disenchanted young woman ascribes to the get-rich-quick advice of self-help guru – only to learn the cost of getting exactly what you want.

Into the Honeycomb

Into the Honeycomb
By: Nick Dugan
Category: Student Film | Chapman
Runtime: 00:18:47
Description: After deciding to drive home in a drunken stupor, a reeling alcoholic must navigate the tragic consequences of his actions under the scrutiny of his callous, careerist brother.

Sunday | 7:00 PM

Session 9 (56min)

By: Liam Tangum
Category: Student Film | Chapman
Runtime: 00:14:44
Description: Two brothers in a small Georgia town find a large sum of money in a crashed car and have different ideas about what to do with it.

Grave Talk
By: Andrew Huggins
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:10:40
Description: In 1947, Willie Earle was arrested and jailed for the alleged murder of a white taxi driver, Thomas W. Brown.
Within 24 hours Earle was forcibly taken from the jail by 31 white taxi drivers and lynched.
All 31 defendants were tried as a group and acquitted.

By: CJ Hedger
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:05:09
Description: A young woman who is battling with depression, goes to a surprise party with friends and ultimately makes the decision to kill herself.

By: Tara Tusher
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:04:42
Description: A heart broken woman battles her inner critic as she works on a potion to bring back her dead lover.

By: Jeremy Carr
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:06:11
Description: A middle-aged widower processes grief through a subtle connection with a neighborhood jogger.

The Mountains We Climb
By: Jeremy Camp
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:03:44
Description: Following the inner dialogue of an online date, we venture into the conscious as Alex tries to put himself “out there”.

Guest of Honor
By: Lisa Belcher
Category: Short Film
Runtime: 00:11:52
Description: Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives.

Sunday | 8:00 PM

Awards Ceremony